Stronghold – Kaminakaya

42 perpendicular plexiglass tubes each with a diameter of 2 cm are placed along the perimeter of a painted map of Kamiyama on the floor. The distance between the bars varies from 10 to 70 cm, thus allowing visitors through.
In traditional Japanese culture, it is customary to take the name of the local vicinity as a second surname (yago), for as long as the family is actually living there. The subtitle of this installation is a yago because it corresponds to the idea of in situ, and is therefore only viable during its presentation in this location. Kamibun College used to be called ” Kamichu “, and from this I have derived the name and guise of a yago. In the very isolated town of Kamiyama it is of paramount importance to know who lives there and who doses not. Are you inside or outside ? This self-surveillance reinforces both the isolation and security of the town

Moving territory – Kamiyama

A section of parquet floor has been assembled and then cut following the contour of the town of Kamiyama. This « town-shape » glides across the floor supported by 41 wheel bearings. The spectator is invited to interact with the piece.
One can move freely whilst remaining in the same territory, or, put another way, the piece suggests the possibility of being everywhere without leaving home. A dream, or a nightmare ?

7.5 Square Meters of Border

Roughly 200 bars (each 17mm diameter) form a column which is extruded from the geographic shape of France, although this form is not immediately obvious.
From the outside the piece resembles a typical load-bearing column. Nevertheless, the interior space constitutes a cage which is neither accessible nor visible.