Prototype Transparent Borders

A prototype designed for a series of large installations that will be exposed in 2023; this hybrid sculpture-architecture-ruin composed of approximately 1300 standard bricks (5 x 10 x 20cm) cast in transparent glass, takes up the tracings of two rivers; the Loire and the Cher. Their lines create an inverted, hollowed-out form of the two riverbeds at their point of convergence, producing a negative architecture, as if the rivers had at one point flowed through the space. For the full scale installation, the rivers will form a natural border which cuts through the space as undulating walls, constructing a natural border.
Spectators can cross this rampart by stepping over the lower part of the wall.
For each exhibition, the confluence of the installation will change, adapting itself to the cartography of the region or country where it is exhibited, acknowledging
the hydrography of the ever shifting riverbed of the Loire.

Furniture-column – Metz

The window is effectively an interior space destined to be viewed by passers-by, a space “controlled” from the outside. A” furnished column” whose footprint takes the form of the town of Metz is situated in this transitional space. Metz, the town where the installation takes place, is thus enclosed within the window space and the architecture of the piece makes it inaccessible to the viewer, inversing the usually inclusive relationship between town, architecture and inhabitants. Metz is disguised as a column apparently supporting the architecture of the art center itself, whilst declaring its independence as an exhibited object available for sale.