Pop Down Book

Based on a book which opens up to a picture in relief blown up to human scale, this installation is in white-painted aluminium, on which a negative slide taken in places of transit  (stations, ports, airports etc.) is projected, and which changes depending on where the work is shown.

The visitor is invited to blend in with the installation ; by moving between the pieces of the design in relief, (s)he becomes part of the negative image.


Pop Down Book (Maquette I)

A double page of Pop up book, available in the shops, (a book which opens up to pictures in relief , illustrating a fairy tale), entirely repainted in white, on which slides are projected (taken in places of transit : stations, ports, airports etc.)

Kissing Gate Labyrinth

The labyrinthian structure is made up of 19 wooden screens, based on the “Kissing Gate” ; it enables you to enter a cattle pen but not to get out.
The “Kissing Gate” is thus named in England after it’s popular use : when two lovers find themselves trapped between the gates, the partner will only open the gate after receiving a kiss: “kiss me or I won’t open up”.
The visitor is invited to find the entrance, wandering gradually through the layout which (s)he knows in advance only has one exit. “Kissing gate” has 2 alternating thresholds for the one passage, through which the visitors are, we might say, filtered

A foul, Composition Bateau-Laboratoire

10 removable screens, made up of three wooden panels (85 x 200 x 2 cm each) with the generic openwork design providing their human sign, are arranged in an unpredictable maze.


A couple of canaries are flying free in a room ; there is a barred entrance hall leading into the room, and the ground is entirely covered in bird litter. The windows have curtains hanging outside; an empty cage is in the centre of the room and bowls containing grain are fixed to the outside of the cage.
Given its limits, a space protects at the same time as it imprisons.