Pli de mémoire I, II

 2015, Villa Savoy, Poissy

Pli de mémoire I: 5x90x178 cm, synthétic plaster, resin, glass mat
Pli de mémoire II: 20x88x170 cm, synthétic plaster, resin, glass mat

In the Middle Ages in Japan Tatami of different sizes were used to distinguish
the hierarchical difference. The tatami mats Furniture- kind of had a role as well as spatial and social boundaries.
Since the 14th century, the Tatami is used almost exclusively for the soil. It was therefore integrated into the architecture and became the architectural unit.
This sculpture the result of a play of construction and deconstruction from the size of a tatami.
This specific unit of Japanese architecture is always important in the concept of the space of today.
This folding play unfolded is frozen in an impossible matter to re-fold.