Kissing Gate Labyrinth


Metz-Courcelles-Chaussy, Lycée d’enseignement général et technologique agricole, 2002
470 x 480 x 100 cm

The labyrinthian structure is made up of 19 wooden screens, based on the “Kissing Gate” ; it enables you to enter a cattle pen but not to get out.
The “Kissing Gate” is thus named in England after it’s popular use : when two lovers find themselves trapped between the gates, the partner will only open the gate after receiving a kiss: “kiss me or I won’t open up”.
The visitor is invited to find the entrance, wandering gradually through the layout which (s)he knows in advance only has one exit. “Kissing gate” has 2 alternating thresholds for the one passage, through which the visitors are, we might say, filtered