Sculpture with a central symmetrical axis made from housing furniture.

Turning Confidant

A steel fence 2.4m hight, 2.5m wide, similar to the model used in the Hospital Center Daumezon was bent to an S with no cutting. It’s a confidant chair with two half circle shaped sits in steel which are opposite and welded on an inox plate of 1,46cm diameter.This confidant turns manually with a system of rotation on wheels.


Confider is the result of a dialectical encounter between two elements. : one is furniture, the second architecture. The wall, a quintessential barrier, is deformed into a piece of 19th century furniture. The Confident (confider) is an S-shaped bench, also called “vis-à-vis” which allows two people to chat while sitting face to face. However, in this work, each elements confronts the other. The curved wall turned into a chair contradicts it’s usual stiffness and its separating purpose. Then again, its height does not allow the two people sitting down to see one another.


A pivot is fixed on a support. Resembling a door mechanism, one of the hinges turns. Underneath the support a small spring motor makes a regular sound.